I’m Elmari from Oodle Design. I am the creative person who will design and create your website, and develop your company’s logo and brand.

I’m an experienced graphic and brand designer. (If I tell you for how long I have been doing this, then I’ll be giving away my age. And we do not want to go there, do we?) But I’m not only made up of the creative juices that flow in my veins. I also have my feet solidly on the ground as far as technology and modern-day innovation goes. This is especially true for website design and its functionality go. I know how these things work.

But the above are merely the tools of my trade. I find fulfilment in creating designs and corporate identities that stand out, but that are functional and purposeful at the same time. And as far as my fondness for website design goes, I make sure that visitors find my designs inviting and that they have a sound experience while they look around. In fact, this is not only my goal, it is something that I make sure of getting right time and again.

I’m also an eager researcher and keen to learn new things. I remain abreast of the latest trends in my field of work, I evolve with technology, and apply what I learn.

I enjoy interacting with my clients and making sure I understand their requirements. I work fast, accurately and in a structured way, and experience gratification when I create websites and corporate material that will benefit them. I’m energetic and devoted, with a zeal for what I do. I’m also an animal lover and a doggy mom to two delightful sausage dogs – Lucy and Leo – who keep me company while I do creative work for my clients.

So, my childhood dream of a starry-eyed, fairy-tale career, turned out to be a down-to-earth vocation in graphic and website design. But although totally the opposite, the magic and enchantment I experience when I do my work and hand it over to happy clients when completed, is more than enough to make me realise that my dream, in fact, has become a true!

Our Methodology


We listen to you and make sure that we understand what you want. We also make sure that we understand your business so that we can weave this knowledge into what we create for you.


Once we understand your requirements, we embark on a creative process which includes thorough research on design trends and ideas for your specific industry, and identifying the perfect graphic design elements for the project.


Each type of project requires a specific design approach. For websites, for example, we first do a detailed design which we present in an easy-to-view format for your input and, when finalised, approval. Only then do we move on to build the website on the hosting platform.


We take this step seriously as it serves to bring the project to fruition, sometimes even turning into an opportunity to add some special finishing touches. Part of this step is to make the required changes and to send a revised proof.


Once you’ve approved the design, we finalise the final artwork (in the case of a logo design/branding project) and provide you with a comprehensive artwork pack, or we start developing your website (in the case of a website project).


Upon completion of the website development, we do final proofreading and checking of the website’s functionality, and we publish it online for the world to see!

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